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General information
Application for Winter 2020 classes
Baltimore County :
Edna's training classes for dogs and owners that wish to train in classes from Basic to Utility. Send forms to Edna and ask her any questions on training classes. Edna is teaching at the following location:

Parkville, MD (pdf format)

Harford County :
If you desire to practice what you have learned, John and Carol Huff have obtained the use of the Highland site for practicing and doing run-thrus of Novice, Open and Utility exercises.(You and your dog should know the exercises! If not, we highly recommend you take Edna's classes first!)

**There is NO instructor here (Edna is NOT currently teaching here)**

We all take turns calling the exercises. We are flexible and will work together. Unruly and untrained dogs will be excused. For more information contact Carol at cahuff@zoominternet.net.

Snow closing information
Show n Gos

The sit and down stays

Studying the obedience rules!!!
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